Infrared Power Control System

Efficiency, Quality, Energy Saving


The Influence of Infrared Heating System on the Product


Heat Up From Inside Texture & Outside Surface Simultaneously

>> The Infrared system produce electromagnetic wave permeate into the products inner part, through the vibration by producing thermal energy, which bake the inside texture and outside surface simultaneously.


Soft and Moist Tasting Favour

>> Heating up cake/bread products inside texture and outside surface simultaneously by Infrared system and such heating system will produce thinner surface skin and more softness inner texture.  Shorten baking time will increase moisture of the products to fulfill the best tasting flavour.


Extend Product Expiration Date

>> Baking cake & bread products with Infrared system enable the starch to Alfa completely and extend β time through powerful and even electromagnetic wave, so expiration date will be extended.  Not only the baking products will be heated up completely from inside and outside but also the mould will not produce easily on the baking products; therefore the expiration date will be extended.


Baking Temp Top Heat 170°C / Bottom Heat 200°C  Baking Time 35 mins

Baking Level  ⇢  Scale Weight, Size, Texture



Energy Saving Around 20%

>> For continuous baking product, the total power consumption will save about 20%


Shorten Baking Time for 10 ~ 30%

>> Due to radiation effect of infrared system, the product core temperature increase rapidly to shorten baking time around 20~30%


Increase thermal efficiency, oven setting reduce around 25°C



The World First Innovated AB Power Dual Control System


Heating process (A stage) power can be adjusted in 6 speeds, from 50% ~100%

>> The power baking temperature and mild heating power to keep heating will enable the products such as cake productions to produce best baking result under stable temperature
(Traditional baking oven use ON-OFF control and such system is either power too strong or stop heating, unable to adjust heating power)


Temperature Reserve process (B stage) power can be adjusted in 6 speeds, from 0% ~50%

>> When the oven reached to the desired temperature, the oven can be maintained at minor heating power during baking process.  The continuous heating system will not cause any baking product imperfection because of heating interruption.
(Traditional baking oven does not equip with keeping warm and heating, so it results in unstable baking products, smaller baking size and insufficient core temperature.)



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