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Alusteel Sheet Pan-Flat Bar

SN1081   0.7mm Alusteel  600x400x30

SN1084   0.7mm Alusteel  600x400x20

SN1087   0.7mm Alusteel  600x400x50

SN1096   0.7mm Alusteel  600x400x25

Al.Alloy Sheet Pan-Flat Bar (Anodized)

SN1091  1.2mm Al.Alloy  600x400x20

Sheet Pan-Flat Bar

Alusteel Sheet Pan-Flat Bar (Non-stick)

SN1082   0.7mm Alusteel  600x400x30

SN1085   0.7mm Alusteel  600x400x20

SN1088   0.7mm Alusteel  600x400x50

SN1097   0.7mm Alusteel  600x400x25

Al.Alloy Sheet Pan-Flat Bar (Non-stick)

SN1092   1.2mm Al.Alloy  600x400x20

Alusteel Sheet Pan-Flat Bar (P.F.A.)

SN1089    0.7mm Alusteel  600x400x50

SN1098    0.7mm Alusteel  600x400x25

Corrugated Sheet Pan-Flat (Non-stick)

SN1095  1.2mm AI.Alloy  600x400x20

Features of Alusteel Pan-flat bar (Patent No. ZL200820186351.6)

  1. Flat bar design increases baking tray's strength and flatness, which would protect the tray from distortion or deformation on baking process

  2. Incomplete coating height design would protect the non-stick surface from stacking

  3. Flat bar design would support sufficient strength for stacking and would avoid tilt or collapse

  4. It will not have overlapping problem for flat bar design on the automatic production line

Al.Alloy Perforated Sheet Pan-Flat Bar (Anodized)

SN1093  1.2mm AI.Alloy  600x400x20

Al.Alloy Perforated Sheet Pan-Flat Bar (Non-stick)

SN1094   1.2mm AI.Alloy  600x400x20


Alusteel Sheet Pan-Flat Bar (Nano Coating)

SN1086  0.7mm Alusteel  600x400x2